Il guardiano del Faro

A man, alone after his wife’s death, living in a Lighthouse spending his days between recriminations, seclusion and telephone chess games.

He is not just a fan: in the past was near to becoming an Italian Champion but failed the last match.

One night, he realizes that someone has entered the lighthouse: he goes down with his rifle, discovers that the intruder is a young couple with two children on tow, looking for shelter.

The four explain that they fled after discovering that the “boat of hope” they were traveling in was actually the “boat of death” run by the mafia, local politicians and businessmen.

Who cannot allow their trafficking to be discovered.

The man becomes fond of his new “family” who become his only reason for living and with the help of the local police Sergeant is able to protect them even at the cost of sacrificing his life.


No name in the end credits

No name in the end credits